Solid Road is a Dutch foundation that helps people without a residence permit to go back to their home country through vocational training, coaching and business-training.
During the project the participants explore their talents and learn how to make a new start with a (small) business in their home country.
Participation in this return project is free of charge. We expect the participants to participate actively during the whole project.
All activities will be given in Dutch or in English and will be translated into other languages if necessary.

Training program Solid Road
The trainings of Solid Road are for (former) asylum seekers or undocumented people who want to go back to their home country. Solid Road has several trainings to learn a profession. With the knowledge that you will gain during the trainings you can start a business in your home country. In addition to the practical trainings you will also receive business-trainings that teaches you every-thing you need to start a business in your home country. At the end of the training you are getting a certification. These trainings take place in Nijmegen or at other places in the Netherlands:

1) Graphic Designer
2) Web Designer
3) Cook, baker
4) Hairdresser
5) Tailor, Fashion Designer
6) Florist
7) Car Mechanic
8) Welder
9) Plumber
10) Electrician
11) Mason
12) Carpenter
13) Farmer
14) Customized Training

If you have any questions, please contact us:
06-27480885 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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